Mi Vida Deliciosa

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My Delicious Life it most certainly is.

Thank you

To all my wonderful Paleo loving, Chimi chicken, Chimi veggie, Sumatra coffee, Green Egg, Green Goddess, Cuban sandwich, Flourless brownie and Gluten free loving Customers,

I want to sincerely Thank You All with my heart and soul for the 6 wonderful years of continued success in the very amazing Junction neighborhood.

Espresso Mi Vida was made possible because of each and every one of your continued efforts. Unfortunately, I have some personal concerns that need to be attended to therefore necessitating the closure of the business. I sincerely hope you all understand.

Thank you so very much for giving me this opportunity to share my passion and love of South American food with you all.

Till We Meet Again.

Junction Music Fest

This Saturday come out and treat your ears and dancing feet to the Junction Music Fest! There will be a musical array of live musicians performing along Dundas St West and some side streets as well. It's going to be a delicious combination of great LIVE music and mouth watering FOOD!

We will be having an outside barbecue in celebration of this wonderful community festival.

Join us for A Chorizo on A Bun or our super flavorful Tacos! Free Range, Hormone Free Meats!!! Chicken beef or pork!

Espresso Mi Vida will be hosting http://www.theimbayakunas.com/index.aspx Imbayakunas, live from Ecuador. They are one of my absolute favorite bands in the city and perform at most festivals in the summer. Be prepared to dance the night away to their beautiful music which is a wonderous mix of Andean sounds and contemporary Latin rhythms.

If you've ever had the pleasure of seeing their live performance you will know that they always draw huge dancing crowds around them. Their vibrancy, passion, and love for music is always apparent with every performance.

The Imbayakunas will be performing in front of Cool Earth Architects at 386 Pacific Ave. starting at 4:15 - 8 pm. Just a few doors down from Espresso Mi Vida. Grab a chorizo on a bun and get your dancing shoes on for a night full of beautiful music. I'm telling you that you cannot keep your feet still to this music!

The Imbayakunas Salsa St Clair 2013 Se fue

Ceviche at Montanita

Montanita is an ever popular little surfing city located a few hours outside Guayaquil. It has quickly become a popular destination spot for surfers and vacationers

The streets are bustling with lots of color, plenty of action and many wandering dogs. They are lined with vendors selling everything from hand made bracelets, surf boards to fresh ceviche.

Ceviche is a well known dish made out of fresh shrimp, or clams, or fish, (or all three if you're lucky), tomatoes, red onions, cilantro salt, pepper and lots of freshly squeezed lime.
It's such a fresh, delicious and super healthy tasting dish.

Iguana mania

Our first real day in the balmy city of Guayaquil, we visited "Parque Seminario Guayaquil". This extraordinary park has dozens of live iguanas sauntering about minding their own business. These scaly-looking reptiles inhabit this park in downtown Guayaquil.

Ecuador here we come!

On our way to my motherland, the very beautiful Ecuador!

Stopover at the Miami International Airport.

Faul Farms

Thanks to our wonderful Ontario beef farm FAUL FARMS ! ! !

Ed and Shirley Faul have become our official beef supplier. They hail from Ayr, Ontario and they have a beautiful farm full of lots of gorgeous cows. They raise them from babies and devote their time, love and energy into producing these magnificent creatures.

As the saying goes, " the proof is in the pudding ! " This proof is definetely in their beautiful meat. It's juicy, sweet smelling, and oh so tender. There really is a difference in grass fed, hormone free, and free to just do whatever they want to do beef.